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Cincinnati Senior Portrait Photographers – Leah Barry - Cincinnati Senior Photography

Cincinnati-Senior-Portrait-Photographers, Cincinnati-Senior-Photography, Cincinnati Senior PortraitsI am an avid thriftier, a world traveler (been to 44 countries around the world), a chocoholic, a lover of Indian food, mother to Clark, a wife to a handsome man named Sean and a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. My love of photography began when I was only 12. I saved up for months to be able to purchase myself my first camera…all 3.5 mega pixels of it. When I got to college, after changing my major literally 6 times, the artsy in me finally over took my urges to be an ambassador to Ghana, and I wound up majoring in Art and French. Although my alma mater, Georgetown College, didn’t offer a major in photography I took every class available. I was hooked. It is truly an honor to capture such a precious moment in peoples lives. What can I say, I’m a bit of a romantic. I now live in Ft. Thomas, Kentucky with my handsome husband, Sean. He’s my second shooter, my confidant and my best friend.

My style of photography is often described as classic, timeless and natural. I love senior portraits because it allows for full creativity. It is always a blast to get to know my senior clients and customize their session to fit their personality.

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